You Were Born for Greatness

If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results. If you are happy with just chugging along and eking out an existence, then there’s nothing anyone else can do to inspire you to achieve more. But I know, deep down, that we ALL want to fully express our talents and abilities and share them with the world. Most of us have so much untapped potential that is just screaming to be unleashed, but we let our circumstances prevent us from sharing our gifts. It is this cognitive dissonance that makes us restless; we know that we are on this planet for a specific reason yet we fail to take the necessary steps to accomplish that mission. This internal, emotional and psychological disconnect is what wears us down and makes us feel so weary.

There is a solution, though. You MUST begin to understand your ‘why’; the reason you were put here on Earth. It’s not rocket science, but many have not taken the time to sit quietly and contemplate their destiny. Most do not set any specific goals in the direction of their dreams, goals, and desires and that is why many people simply live a life of ‘getting by’.

You are the best. Act like it.

You are better than that and deserve MUCH better than that. Your family deserves better than that. How do I know? Because you are ALREADY the best. You have already beaten astronomical odds simply getting to where you are now. At conception alone, you beat 300 million to 1 odds. You were born a winner, so it’s time to act like it. Step into your greatness today. It’s a choice, and you are in control of that choice. Choose greatness. Period.


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