The Power of Podcasts

If you market your products or services online, you know how challenging it can be to fight through the clutter and get your message out there. Most people employ what I call a “spray and pray” marketing campaign, where they simply spray their message all over the place and hope a few people receive it and take action. As I’m sure you can imagine, there are much better ways to impact your audience and get them to know, like, and trust you and podcasting is quickly becoming one of the easiest and most powerful methods to make that happen.

For most people though, the thought of creating a podcast is a little daunting because they aren’t sure where to start. What equipment do I need? Where do I host it? How in the heck do I get iTunes to carry my podcast? Well, thankfully there is hope for people like that, and it’s called Podcast School.

The reigning queen of podcasting, Kris Gilbertson, is sharing her knowledge and wisdom on podcasting in a series of videos that are coming out over the next few days. If you have any interest whatsoever in creating a podcast, I highly recommend that you opt-in and watch her videos. The info she shares will help you get started the right way so you aren’t spending a lot of wasted time learning from your trial and error. She’s helped people get their podcast on the front page of iTunes in just a matter of days, so I know her process works.

So, enough of me blathering about how awesome Kris is, go see for yourself right now: Click here for her free podcast training videos.

Click Here for Podcast School

Click here to learn 5 reasons why you simply can’t afford to partner with iTunes.


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