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If you follow me or my blog, it’s safe for me to assume that you have some aspiration of becoming a well known author, speaker, trainer, coach or someone who derives income from sharing their knowledge and expertise. And if you are are like me, you’ve probably assumed that those people make most, if not all, of their money only when standing on stage or selling their book. But guess what? Many of the most successful people in those roles make a huge percentage of their income from a diversified portfolio of other information assets. In simple terms, they find creative ways to re-purpose their content and then sell it through multiple channels. Essentially, they give the presentation once and profit from it over and over and over. Brilliant!

The guy that really raised my awareness around the specifics of how to create an integrated product suite is Brendon Burchard. I’ve read his books, bought his online training modules, and even attended two of his events last year. When it comes to showing you how to profit from your expertise and perspective, the dude is a genius. And the cool thing is, he often shares some of his best content and training for free, and he happens to be doing it right now. Click here if you’d like access to his video training series on creating an integrated product suite using your expertise. He usually only leaves the videos up for a few weeks, and they’ve already been up for a couple, so watch ’em now before he takes them down.


“You’re so lucky!”

As I’ve made the holiday social circuit this year I’ve noticed a few things that keep popping up in conversation:

1) The people who keep using words and phrases like, “aren’t you worried?”, “I’m just concerned that”, and “I just can’t bring myself to…” are the same people who are in the same place they were when I saw them last year at this time. They’ve taken zero risk and therefore are in the same or even worse place than last year. They’ve made no progress toward their success goals. If you always operate from a place of fear, you will rarely, if ever, see the kind of success you dream of. luckquote2

2) A few people have noticed some of my wins this year and chalked them up to “luck” and said that I’m an “overnight success”. Interesting. In my eyes, “luck” is when preparation meets opportunity. If you don’t prepare, the opportunities still present themselves, but since you aren’t prepared you don’t even notice them. And preparing means more than just reading a book or two; you have to invest in yourself, which brings me to my third point…

3) If you won’t invest in yourself, how can you expect others to invest in you? In the last few years I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars and weeks of travel in my own personal development, and it’s all starting to pay huge dividends. I don’t share this to impress you, but to impress upon you that you must invest in yourself and your business to see success; it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not magic. If it is a priority for you, it should show up in your datebook and your checkbook.

So, as you are making your plans and setting your goals for the year keep these things in mind so you too can achieve the success you envision.

How stable is your ride to the top?

Now, more than ever, financial diversification is crucial for your long term financial success. If you don’t currently have multiple streams of income, now is a good time to start doing something about that.


Merry Christmas from Dave Gambrill and all of us at Gambrill Communications!

Leveraging the Power of G+ and Hangouts for Business

You Want More? Become More.

There has been a lot of talk and media coverage in the United States over the last few weeks regarding the “plight” of minimum wage, service workers. The unions and other groups that support this workforce use the argument that no person should have to endure those wages long term. And guess what? I agree. However, we differ on the solution.

McDonalds_1962_SignHere’s the deal: If you want more, YOU have to become more. You can’t simply demand more when you are not adding any additional value to the marketplace. It doesn’t work that way. It never has and never will (at least not successfully, long-term). Have I worked at a minimum wage, service job? Yep. Guess who else has? Jeff Bezos, Jay Leno, Pink, Carl Lewis, Macy Gray, Rachael McAdams, Andie McDowell, Andrew Card and thousands of other people who have gone on to lead very successful lives. They all made the choice to better themselves through education or refinement of a marketable skill set and used their minimum wage job as a stepping stone, not a comfort zone.

It’s easy to whine and complain about your situation, but you rarely get any meaningful and sustainable results that way. The marketplace is much more likely to reward you when you expend your effort and energy on improving yourself.

What’s your take?

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What You Can Learn from Black Friday

As I sit here writing and scheduling blog posts for the next few weeks, it dawned on me that those of us who don’t buy into the Black Friday (Whack Friday, as I call it) craze can actually learn a few things to help us in marketing our own businesses.

1. Anticipation – Companies have been hyping their deals for weeks and have been strategically “leaking” their flyers into the social media stream. Can you imagine if you built up that kind of anticipation for one of your events and people were trying to crash the door down to get in?

Black Friday Chaos

Black Friday Chaos

2. Offer You Can’t Refuse – Yes, I know, most of those $100, 60″ HDTV offers are loss leaders and the quantities are limited, but that irresistible offer is what gets people to wake up at 3am to wait in line in the snow. What if you made an irresistible offer to your tribe that made them act like that? Price juxtaposition and scarcity are two persuasive tools you can use to make that happen.

3. Social Proof – I have no idea what the real stats are, but I’m confident that a large proportion of the people out fighting the crowds today are there because a friend or family member coerced them to. The conversation probably went like this: “Oh, you aren’t going out on Black Friday?! Why not? You’ll save so much money and get great deals!!” And the other person unconsciously agreed to go along because they felt like they would be missing something if they didn’t. This is what we call social proof. If people are indifferent to an offer or situation, they will look to their trusted peers and family members to help them decide. If prospects were to look at your LinkedIn profile, Twitter stream, or Facebook business page, what would they see? Would they see people recommending and endorsing your services or would they see a barren digital wasteland? Be conscious about building a great online case for why people should be doing business with you, it matters.

I’m sure there are other things we can learn, but these are just few ideas that come to mind. If you have other thoughts I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Give Yourself the Gift of Business Success

As you are busy scurrying around finding the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family don’t be afraid to give yourself a little something.

A few years ago my wife gave me the gift of a business coach for Christmas and as I look back, it was probably the best gift I ever got. Why? Because it helped launch my business success and personal development into overdrive.
I know you probably aren’t looking to spend $1500+ each month on a coach, especially if this is your first foray into coaching, so I thought I’d introduce you to this awesome program that my friends Devin and Melanie Duncan have put together.

Online Edge Academy

In this very affordable program they walk you through a business evaluation, personal evaluation, market and customer evaluation, business plan, partnerships, implementation strategies and more. There is also a monthly group coaching call where you can learn the latest strategies and join the extensive Q&A.

If you aren’t serious about growing yourself and your business in 2014 then don’t bother clicking through to learn more. However, if you are ready to give yourself the gift of business success and personal development then click below now and take action.

Online Edge Academy

Before I go I want to take a second to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays! And may 2014 be your best, most abundant year ever!



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But if you take the long view, by almost any measure of progress we are living in history’s greatest era. Wars are becoming less frequent. Life expectancy has more than doubled in the past century. More children than ever are going to primary school. The world is better than it has ever been.

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