Do You Remember What It’s Like to Not Know?

Have you ever had a class with a professor you knew was super brilliant but they couldn’t translate their expertise down to your level? Or maybe you’ve been on a team where the coach is drawing up a play and making lots of assumptions about the sport “IQ” of the players, but almost none of the players can follow along. Or perhaps you’ve been in a meeting at work where the leader is casting a vision but she’s not meeting the audience where they are in their journey, so no one buys in.

We’ve all been there. The crazy thing though is that we often forget the “beginner’s journey” when we try to cast a vision, teach a course, or make a sale. We communicate at a level well beyond the current belief or comprehension of the audience.

I’ll spending a few days with one of my marketing mentors, Jeff Walker, at his event “Product Launch Formula Live” later this month. One of the reasons he’s ultra successful is that he communicates at the level of his audience. Here’s a brief video where he explains the “Curse of Knowledge”:

If you have any questions you want me to ask him, his team, or the hundreds of people that will be at the event at the end of the month just shoot me a tweet.

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