Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Book Launch Party

One of the most effective ways to launch your new book or product is to have a launch call or webinar. If you arrange it so that it’s a party-like atmosphere with special guests, interviews, and other giveaways and tie it to social media activity, you can get a ton of traction, awareness, and drive more purchases of your product.

I was honored and privileged to be invited to help my friend, Barry Smith, run his launch party call a few days ago for his new book, Leadership by Invitation – How to RSVP and Embrace Your Role as a Leader. My role during the call was to manage the social media activity and prize giveaways. We gave away gift cards from Starbucks and Amazon, autographed books from John Maxwell, subscriptions to Success Magazine, a Kindle, and a whole bunch of other cool things to people who were posting on social media with the hashtag #lbibook .

The video below is an overview of how I handled the call. It shows you the systems and resources I used to make the magic happen.


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